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My Baby Manual, is a guide to your baby's first year of life.  It was written to give you or anyone caring for your baby some practical tips and advice covering the major aspects of your baby's growth and development.

English/Spanish Version. 



Adolescent Health Promotion and Pregnancy Prevention: A Training Manual for Health Educators
Designed for Middle School and High School Students with over 350 pages of interactive lessons. The goal of this training manual is to:
Educate, Enlighten & Empower adolescents to make healthy and appropriate life choices.



This is a must have handbook for any student or young adult leaving home. These tips and life lessons are important to review with parents or have as a tool when you are living on your own. Available on, Stacey's Hallmark Store, and PV Postal in Phoenix Arizona. 


 Kidzeez is an effective tool to help parents and teachers of preschoolers, elementary and middle/high school to achieve relaxation, calmness, and better coping skills.  Through the use of creative imagery, relaxation techniques, and a ritualistic process, children can discover a place in their mind which is soothing and balancing.  These skills can be used throughout their lifetime.  $8.00 


Mother Daughter Workshops 

"Experience a one of a kind interactive program that will enhance your relationship"



Jessica Levin, MA, LPC, and Linda Levin, MA (Mother/Daughter Team)

Mother Daughter Workshops



Jessica Levin, MA, LPC, and Linda Levin, MA (Mother/Daughter Team)

Programs may include: Communication, Self-Image, Self Esteem, Stress Management, and Coping in Today’s World.

Workshops Held: Schools, Agencies, Churches, Synagogues, Spas, and Homes. 

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